High build !

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Re: High build !

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Thanks so much for reply bob did you see the post I put on today about bonda seal ?
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Re: High build !

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Great post all and very imformative. Seems there are many ways to skin a cat and trial and error is the best way to learn.

With a Finance background I am always interested in cost vs quality. When selecting your Resins to repair / build your rods is the cost of the resin important and come into your thinking? And does paying more lead to higher quality rods?

I was wondering of there is a sweet spot of lower cost resin that still produces a high quality product.

Any information you have would be great!
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The Bassman
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Re: High build !

Post by PierPoint »

Hi Bassman that's a good question as cheap is not always best. Its about finding the right product that does the job e.g. produces a great finish that is level and bubble free. Most builders dont charge separately for the high build finish itself as it is usually included in the price, but it can be very expensive to buy. and the larger the quantity the cheaper it is.

Some decent stuff comes from the USA so there is local tax and import duty to add on as well and that's where the price can shoot up.
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