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Forum Rules Text

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Forum rules below:

Forum - Rules

Welcome to the Rod Building Forum for Global & International Rod Building Contributors. PierPoint is the founding member of the forum which was created to enhance and develop the rod building community.

This forum has been designed specifically as an open forum discussion area specifically for the rod building community from across the world to discuss and share the knowledge and information in relation to the techniques of rod building. It is envisaged that this forum will be a main hub of information in relation to this specific profession.

It is easy to create an account on the forum and we welcome all users from across the Globe. As a dedicated forum member you will be contributing to the art of rod building and its continued development where you will be able to post messages and reply to posts.

Through other social media platforms there are many contributors to the art of rod building and this equates to many years of experience and knowledge. This can be used to help newcomers to the industry and maybe even help more experienced rod builders to enhance their already developed techniques. You may have ideas, opinions on products or want to learn something new and we are hopeful the forum will have something for everyone.

We are also hopeful that the forum will be self-governing and self-regulating as much as possible as it is the members that make up the main body of the forum and we want it to be as accessible as possible for everyone to enjoy.

As with most things there must be a set of rules or guiding principles and these are framed in such a way so that they are easy to follow and adopt without being overly prescriptive. Our forums will therefore be covered by the rules outlined below and these will apply to all areas of the PierPoint Global and International Rod Building Forum, including the registered members. We also need to reserve the right to change and amend these just in case we need to.

PierPoint Rod Building Forum - Topics

The PierPoint Rod Building Forum is predominantly for the discussion of rod building and its associated components and elements. The Forum can be developed into other specific and dedicated areas of rod building and can also be expanded and developed to include other topical areas related to the fishing community. Whilst the site is developing its rod building community it will focus mainly on this area in the interim and will undoubtedly expand over time.

Discussions relating to non-rod building/non angling topics will not feature in this forum. However, we may post items that are in support of something that is relevant to the community.

Main outline of Forum Rules

1. All posts should be professional and courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective.
2. Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited and you must not post libellous, insulting, antagonistic, aggressive or otherwise abusive remarks about any individual, company or business within forum posts or via a Private conversation.

3. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums and this includes pictures or artwork. Pornographic, violent or inappropriate material or messages will not be tolerated and will be deleted.
4. You must not post anything that is deemed illegal.
5. Posts must not contain swear words or intonate a swear word using symbols or inferences.
6. You must not use this forum to invite people to join competing forums, websites or other social media platforms.
7. You must not solicit business from within posts such as using, signatures or avatars, but you can post two prominent links e.g. your own personal facebook page and website details in the signature bar only and this must be in the small font only. No additional promotional details will be allowed.
8. You can reference an external company’s website details in your posts if it helps rod builders to locate materials or components that you have used or have been asked about but should not be used excessively and this will be moderated.

General posting guidelines

Please use search first!
There is a pretty good chance that unless you have some really odd or unique problem it has probably been addressed on our forum before. Please use the forums search feature first to see if there are already some good threads on the subject.

Be descriptive and don’t use ‘stupid’ topic names
Please post a descriptive topic name and give a short summary of your problem in the subject heading. Don’t use attention grabbing subjects as they don’t usually get attention, but rather annoy people.

Remember when people help you they are doing you a favour
Be patient, help people out by posting good descriptions of what you need help with. Don’t forget to help other people if you can. “say what you think if you know it helps”

Creating an account

1. User may only register for a single unique user account and trying to establish more than one or using false credentials will lead to a ban. The Administrator(s) will determine the length of ban and weather re-registration will be permitted.
2. If you break other rules you will be warned or banned and a ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent.
3. The username must not break protocols or rules and must not be an inappropriate name.


All disputes must be reported to the site Administrator who will investigate all claims. All disputes will be treated equally and fairly and outcomes will be reported accordingly.

Unwarranted comments

You must not post any derogatory or slanderous comments about individuals or companies. If a particular company does get a bad review for whatever reason they will be given the platform to respond accordingly. We will not allow an ongoing diatribe to take place.


Pierpoint reserves the right to remove any unwanted and unwarranted material that is not in the spirit of the forum and to deny access to any individual or company in the interest of the forum.

Becoming a Moderator
All Moderator Applicants must be a member for at least 90 days (3 months) and have at least 30 posts. If you are a regular significant poster and contributor to the rod building community we may invite you to join our Moderators group.
You must be active in the individual forums you wish to moderate and regularly create and respond to threads in those forums.
You must maintain a working knowledge of the subject matter.
Please be aware that applying to be a moderator does not guarantee acceptance and that moderators will only be appointed when needed.
By posting classified adverts you agree to abide by the rules of the forum and the rules of the classifieds forum.

PierPoint, its officials and staff cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of the classified ads forum.

Classified Ads

1. A classified Ads forum has been created for rod building associated components and materials only.
2. The classified Ads section is not there to compete with already established businesses and must not be treated as a ‘commercial shop’. The intention will be to pass on second hand equipment, surplus stock that you may have, end of line material or items that are not available via the already established businesses.
3. It has been set up for the buying, selling and exchanging of rod building items only and no buying, selling or exchanging of rod building items or components will be allowable in the main rod building forum. You will be able to mention an item for sale but must sign post people to the classified Ads forum.
4. Second hand angling equipment such as rods & reels will not be allowable.
5. Commercial companies or their representatives will not be able to directly promote or market their company in the classified ads forum unless a premium* has been paid in advance. Representatives will be able to make posts in accordance with item 2 above, including promotions and competitions.
*This will be negotiable and paid in advance (contact site administrator for further details).
6. Additional forums and topics can be created to assist the development of the group.
General trading rules

1. You must be over the age of 18 to use the PierPoint Classified Ads.
2. Business sellers are not allowed to use the classified Ads to sell goods unless by prior agreement. Our classifieds are for members who personally own the items they are selling and are selling not for profit.
3. You must include the price of the item you are placing for sale, including an estimate of shipping costs. It would help to provide a tracking number for items dispatched.
4. Don’t forget to state your preferred method of payment e.g. PayPal, Bank Transfer etc.
5. Do not use the threads to comment on the price of a sellers item(s) as this is between the seller and the potential purchaser.
6. To use the classified ads you must be a member for 30 days and have 15 or more posts.
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